Over a third of Brits are missing the autumn window for spring bloom

Autumn is a critical planting season if you are seeking a spring bloom, however new research from the garden care experts, Miracle-Grow have found that over a third of Brits are missing this window. This is partly because 30% don't know that autumn is a key time of the year for gardening.


Key facts:

·      80% of Brits garden during the spring and summer, missing out on prep for the autumn months

·      Only 20% of Brits think their garden needs help in colder months

·      Over 75% think autumn is the season to totally leave their garden to its own accord


How can you get started or improve your autumn gardening?

·      Start your lawn care, this is can be the easiest to do with lawn food and sow seed, as well as removing any leaves that have fallen onto the garden

·      Replace old summer annuals (plants that bloom once then die) with plants such as violas, pansies, wallflowers and cyclamens that will flower in the summer.

·      Old plants that have died and leaves make for excellent compost

·      Bulbs are an excellent choice to add colour to the garden, and also cheaper to buy that can be planted in the autumn that require little maintenance till spring

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