Why Command Strips?

Why Command Strips?

Command strips are created to leave walls damage free on removal (never pull them away from the wall, slowly stretch them down and they will release from the wall) from a variety of different surfaces (listed below).

This makes them ideal for rented properties, and for ease of use in the home. 

Command Strips Are Safe for

  • painted walls
  • painted/varnished wood
  • tile
  • painted cinder block or concrete
  • metal
  • glass
  • laminates 
  • smooth solid surfaces (most plastics, PVC, acryilic, PE, PP)
Command Strips Are Not Safe for

  • textured walls
  • wallpaper
  • bricks
  • fabric
  • other rough and non-stick surfaces

Command™ Product Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Weight Can Command™ Strips Hold?

Don't know which Command™ Product is right for your project? Check out the product weight limits to find the right product based on the weight of the item you want to hang.

Will it hold soundproofing acoustic foam board or decorative plates?

Yes, provided the item is within the weight limit specified for Command™ Picture Hanging Strips. We do not recommend hanging tapestry or other fabrics. For decorative plates, please ensure there is a smooth surface for the strip to adhere to. Do not hang valuable or irreplaceable items.

Can I reuse Command™ Picture Hanging Strips?

No, Command™ Picture Hanging Strips are for one-time use only. Command™ Picture Hangers (Universal and Canvas Hangers) may be reused with a Command™ Refill Strip (see instructions for more information).

Can they be used as vertical or horizontal?

They can be used either direction.

How to Use Command Strips

Information and images from https://www.command.com/3M/en_US/command/how-to-use/picture-hanging-strips/#:~:text=Command%E2%84%A2....