We stock a growing number of greener items in both shops. We stock bamboo chopping boards, plastic free scrubbing brushes, brooms and buckets. We also have recycled plastic products available such as food storage boxes and window cleaning squeegees.


We endeavour to do our best for the environment. We recycle cardboard from our deliveries and only stock paper bags, not plastic. When you purchase new batteries and lightbulbs from us we will be happy to take your old ones and recycle them for you.


We donate much of our plastic delivery packaging to local artists, weezandmerl. They make beautiful products using collected plastic to create tableware items such as coasters, mats and trays as well as undertake commissions for bigger items such as bespoke tabletops. Check out their website for a full range of products. Their process section also guides you through the stages of production, starting with the labour-intensive process of sorting and cleaning the plastics they collect.


If you are a regular customer and are moving home then please check with us to see if we have any spare boxes. It's all part of what we can offer, supporting our local community and minimising waste.