Heston Blumenthal Precision Digital Measuring Jug


Collaborating with the Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal was a case of combining Salter's precision, excellence and integrity with Heston's own incredible credentials and creating a range of ten kitchen essentials good enough for any chef. A space-saving innovation, The Heston Blumenthal precision by Salter Digital Measuring Jug Scale allows cooks to measure and mix with ease and precision in grammes, ounces, pounds, ml, cups, and fluid ounces. The weight function has auto zero and add and weigh ability, meaning that multiple ingredients can be added cumulatively without emptying the jug. The jug scale is equally brilliant with volume conversion, automatically converting 5 pre-set ingredients (flour, sugar, milk, water and oil) from weight to volume. The generous 3 kg / 1 litre capacity saves cooks dirtying extra dishes and the auto power-off feature means that batteries won't be wasted. An important feature for any customer, the detachable cup is dishwasher safe.

1240ml x 1ml / 48fl.oz x 1/8fl.oz / 3000g x 1g / 6lb 6oz x 1/8oz Add & Weigh 'zero' function - allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl. 1 lite detachable jug with ml, cup, fl.oz and pint markings. Automatically converts flour, sugar, milk, water and oil from weight to volume. Weighs in grams and oz/lb. Easy to read display on handle. Auto power-off.

Category Homewares