Kilner Medium Square Clip Top Jar 500ML


The Kilner Square 0.5litre Clip Top Glass Storage Jar is durable and practical. With an airtight clip top the jar is suitable for preserving jams, chutneys and storing dry food stuffs. H 115mm x W 110mm.

  • Kilner branded product
  • Glass clip top jars
  • Clip-top lids which are far easier to open and close
  • Perfect for storing flour, sugar, pasta, lentils and rice as well as preserves

The original glass Kilner jar has been helping generations since the 1840's to successfully preserve and store food. Durable and practical, Kilner clip top jars are suitable for bottling fruits, preserving pickles, jams and chutneys. They are also ideal for storing dry food stuff, such as rice, sugar, flour, lentils etc.

Category Storage