Pyrex 1L Round Casserole Dish


Put all your heart into cooking finger-licking meals with this Pyrex essential casserole. This round small dish is suitable for oven cooking, up to 300°C. It has practical handles, make it easier to carry the casserole dish from the oven to table for ease of serving. This casserole dish is very versatile and opens up a host of cooking possibilities like simmering, steaming or roasting. Thanks to its lid and the steam trapped within the dish, food is cooked slowly and gently, bringing out the flavours of the food over time, whilst preventing the food from drying out during the cooking process. A further advantage of the Pyrex glass casserole is that as glass is a non-porous material, no food flavours are absorbed, meaning both sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked with no risk of flavour transference. All Pyrex glass products are oven safe up to 300°C and can go in the freezer to -40°C. Dish capacity: 1L

Category Kitchen